1 master student and 1 working PhD offer of Dankook University in Korea

This is Prof. Byun

The below email was sent to the VN students directly regarding to the conditions for the MS study in DanKook Uni. at the Dept, of Energy Engineering.  Prof. Lee will support VN students during the graduate study in DanKook Uni.

If you need any help from me just let me know.

I have another request from Kyungsang National University. I do not know the conditions but I guess this will be similar with the conditions of Dankook Uni,

As a matter of fact Dankook Uni asked me to fine VN scientist who has a Ph.D in the field of Chemical Engineering of Chemicstry, or Material Engineering or Polymeric Engineering. He/She will get the annual salary about 40,000 USD ~45,000 USD and they will be hired by the Institute of R&D center in DanKook Uni.

We will talk about this in more detail during my staying in HN.

Thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to seeing you soon,

Best regards,

Dr. Hongsik Byun
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