Prof.PhD. Luu Van Boi

  • Name: Prof.PhD. Luu Van BOI
  • Birthday:
  • Hometown: Quang Binh Province
  • Current accommodation:
  • Department:
  • Office phone: 0439334791
  • Home phone:
  • Mobile: 0912012382
  • Email: [email protected]

  • Professor: 2013
  • PhD: 1991 (Kiev National University).
  • Doctor of Science: 1999 (N.D. Zelinskiy Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences).
  • BA of Chmistry: 1975 (Kishiniev State University, Soviet Union).

  • Affiliation: Faculty of Chemistry since 1975
  • Position: Dean Faculty of Chemistry: 2002-2012
Postdoctoral Fellow
  • N.D. Zelinskiy Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (1994-1999)
  • Tulon-Var University: 6/2008
  • Osaka Prefecture University, Japan (3/2012, 4/2013, 5/2014, 3/2015).
Other Activity
  • Deputy General Editor-in-Chief Journal of Science (2004-2012)
  • Standing Member of Vietnam Chemical Society
  • Director of VNU Key-Laboratory for Bio-energy Development

  1. Development of the new strategy for synthesis of multi-applied heterocyclic sulfur-containing compounds.
  2. Development of Technology for production of etylenic copolymer using as pour point depressants for crude oil and biodiesel.
  3. Development of clean technology for production of biodiesel.

  1. Yasuaki Maeda,1 Le Tu Thanh,1 Kiyoshi Imamura,1 Katsutoshi Izutani,1 Kenji Okitsu,2 Luu Van Boi,3 Pham Ngoc Lan,3 Nguyen Cong Tuan,3 Young Eok Yood2 and Norimichi Takenaka2. New technology for the production of biodiesel fuel, Green Chem., 2011, 13, 1124–1128.
  2. Le Tu Thanh1, Kenji Okitsu2, Luu Van Boi3 and Yasuaki Maeda1. Catalytic Technologies for Biodiesel Fuel Production and Utilization of Glycerol: A Review, Catalysts 2012, 2(1), 191-222.
  3. Christine Bressy1, Andre Margailan1, Dong The Nguyen2, Luu Van Boi2. Polymeres de poly(acrylate de N-alkyle)s et leur utilization comme abaisseurs de point  decoul-ement de petrole, France Patent Fr.2982872, 2013.
  4. Luu Van Boi1, Tran Van Tinh1, Nguyen Anh Tri2, Phạm Hoai Thu1. 3-[(2-Methoxyphenyl)carbamoyl]naphtalene-2-yl-α-clopropionate, new substance using for Human Specific Esterase Leukocyte Staining, Vietnam Patent 12758,  2014.
  5. Duong Huu Huy1,2, Kiyoshi Imamura3, Le Tu Thanh2, Phuong Duc Luu4, Hoa Thi Truong5,  Hanh Thi Ngoc Le1, Boi Van Luu4, Norimichi Takenaka1, Yasuaki Maeda3. Fate of toxic phorbol esters in Jatropha curcas oil by a biodiesel fuel production process, Clean Techn Environ Policy, DOI 10.1007/s -10098-016-1149-1154.

  • Science and Technology Award from Vietnam National University, 2013
  • Science and Technology Innovation Award from Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, 2014
  • Awarded the title of Meritorious Teacher 2008
  • Awarded the title of People’s Teacher 2014
  • Awarded the Labor Medal of the Second Degree, 2014
  • Awarded the Labor Medal of the Third Degree, 2007.